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Spain, cultural richness everywhere

The list of World Heritage Sites in Spain has been increasing since 1990 and today this country is the 3rd with the highest number of places declared World Heritage in the world, behind Italy and China. Thus, as of 2016, 45 places had been declared in Spain, of which:

40 are cultural places.
3 are natural places.
2 are mixed places.
3 places are shared with other countries, one with France, another with Portugal and a third with Slovenia.

On the other hand, Spain has 16 intangible assets, which makes it the 2nd country in Europe with a greater number of goods declared intangible cultural heritage, behind only Croatia.

In Spain, in addition, possesses the region of the world with the more cultural heritage classified World Heritage: Castilla y Leon, with 8 in total, ahead of the Italian regions of Tuscany and Lombardy, both with 6 properties.4 5

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