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Why all celebreties go to IBIZA?

Ibiza is the island “par excellence” in Spain, where you find all you need to enjoy summer time, either as a couple or with friends. Each year the island brings together the best of the “socialité”, and that is because, apart from having the most famous clubs such as Pacha, Space or Privilege, it also has spectacular crystal clear waters, coves and numerous beaches and enviable places to get lost.
But that is not enough to unravel the mystery: what is the secret of Ibiza? Why, oblivious to fads, it is always the capital of celebrity? Undoubtedly, one of the attractions of the island is the countless parties, both in private mansions and in other places, such as the one that unveils the summer season in Ibiza, which is the Flower Power Party at Pacha, where there is not only famous who pose in the photocall dressed as hippies and adorned with multiple flowers and bright colors.

Marbella has skyrocketed since Michelle Obama has spent there a few days with his little daughter Sasha, but also because of the celebration of various prestige parties, such as the charity gala chaired by Antonio Banderas and Eva Longoria at the luxurious hotel Villa Padierna, which brought together the cream of Spanish society.

Anyway, both Ibiza and Marbella are still the queens of the summer time and the favorite places for celebrities to enjoy their summer holidays, look good and have lots of fun and relax. So if you want to enjoy summer as much as they do, start by buying a property there and get introduced to this lively life!!!!!.

(note that there are direct flights from Luxembourg to Ibiza!! No more excuses, you can enjoy the island every weekend if you want!)

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