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10 reasons to buy a property in Spain

  1. ¡ The Weather, obviously! The southern COSTA BLANCA normally offers up to 320 days of sunshine a year with a low registered rainfall. Its unique dry micro-climate and warm winters is one of the main reasons astute northern Europeans find this area so very desirable.
  2. Health Benefits: Spain offers truly exceptional, quick medical treatments and its knowledge in medicine is recognised as far superior to many EU countries. Moreover, the costas are recognised by the World Health Organisation as “near the perfect environment for diminishing Asthma, Rheumatism, Arthritis or heart related problems”. Add to this the incontestable benefits of seawater and sun vitamins.
  3. Quality of Life & “feel good factor”: you simply just feel better and more relaxed in this balmy atmosphere.
  4. Spanish People: One of the main reasons Spain is so popular is the Spanish nation are so helpful and accommodating to its visitors, perhaps that’s why 1 in 4 people from the U.K. holiday there every year and just keep going back, they cannot all be wrong, can they? The Spanish are known for the joyfulness, sympathy and warm full personality.
  5. Improved Standard of Living: greatly reduced living costs, low crime, more to do (huge cultural and free time offering), enjoy greater social life and of course that fabulous weather. You just feel that much better especially with winter evenings remaining brighter for much longer than here in northern countries.
  6. Cost Of Living: compared to northern countries and specially Luxembourg, you can live and own a freehold property  for 40% less than back here. Moreover heating and food are noticeably cheaper.
  7. Investment & Value for Money: After the big crisis, Spain real estate market diminished dramatically. It is therefore a perfect time for investors to acquire properties for less than half that they were worth before the crisis! Now the property market is recovering, therefore investors can be sure that properties they buy today will add value in the future.
  8. Cultural and gastronomic offering: the cultural offering in Spain is just gigantic,  cities, villages, museums, expos, concerts, exhibitions, etc. The list is unlimited. Concerning its gastronomic offering, Spain is reputed also for its magnificent Mediterranean way of cooking and offer many prestigious world known restaurants. In the World’s Best Restaurant Ranking, Spain has always at least 2 or 3 restaurants among the TOP 10!!!
  9. Diversity of tourism options: Spain is a very complete country, you can enjoy the beach side but also mountains, ski courses, golf courses and many other sports and rural tourism options. You will never be bored!
  10. Easy Access: Each costa has a principal international airport which operates international flights all over the world. From Luxembourg it takes just 2 to 2.5 hours flight!
  11. A + REASON: Spain leads WORLD’S BEST QUALITY BEACHES ranking with 686 blue flag beaches

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