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Puerto Banús, the Golden Mile

Puerto Banus is the quintessential celebrity and anonymous millionaires’ port.  Alfonso de Hohenlohe, founder of the Marbella Club, traveled to Mexico in 1966 and visited the architect Noldi Schreck, head of Beverly Hills. Hohenlohe wanted Schreck (what a name!) project the Beach Club of Marbella Club. The architect met in Marbella the developer José  Banús.

Puerto Banus has berthing capacity for 915 boats, which are charged just over 2,000 euros per day!!. It common in these waters to see impressive yachts such as the one owned by the Russian billionaire Andrei Melnichenko. Many of them use the VIP services of Ventura Yachts, who has the exclusivity of services for all the luxury Ferretti brand yachts. These millionaires also use Marbella Yachts, a leading sailing company in yacht brokerage. Not only is important to have a good boat, but also have a cool place where to maintain it.

Shopping cool

Gucci, Versace, Custo, or Chopard and the Spanish Suarez jewelry are regulars of the Golden Mile of Marbella. But the most chic thing in the area is to buy contemporary art among industrial buildings. We are talking about “Polygon Gallery”, owned by two Chinese art galleries exdirectors: Maite Coloma and Sophie Gravier.

Many Nordic, Russian and Saudi millionaires recreate their palaces of the Thousand and One Nights with Andalusí decoration.

And if what you want is comfort the spirit, the hot spot is Eywa: yoga, Pilates and custom dietox life personalized to the max.

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